What’s ABC? Always Be Coding

Sometimes I feel like my head has been in the sand. I learned that ABC is a great acronym for something I want to do everyday. Coding everyday isn’t about getting through a kata as quick as possible. It’s important to approach coding as deep work. Deep work involves turning off all distractions and working intently on a problem for an extended period of time. Breaks are fine but don’t check your e-mail or get on social media. Cal Newport has several posts about deep work and has a published book. I’ll post links below.

I love to code but I don’t code daily. Today this changes. To become a proficient programmer, problem solver, and prepare for coding interviews, it is imperative that coding a kata, working through a HackerRank problem, or reinventing the wheel to teach myself algorithms must be done every day.

Now I’m accountable. Here’s my github.

New Year, new site design, same Projects list. Sally Forth!

Happy New Year and welcome back.

Many people start the new year with a to-do list. My list is the same as it was last month. Soon I’ll roll out my list and show everyone how I’ve broken it down in to measurable parts. I’m focusing on Ruby on Rails at the moment. I’m using a great SitePoint book Rails: Novice to Ninja. It was published two months ago and I’m real excited to be using the updated version.

If you are starting a new goal or project please read Scott Young’s article on his step-by-step process to teach yourself anything. You’ll see that I follow his process of creating a plan. Scott has been writing for a long time and his posts are enlightening and challenging.