What’s ABC? Always Be Coding

Sometimes I feel like my head has been in the sand. I learned that ABC is a great acronym for something I want to do everyday. Coding everyday isn’t about getting through a kata as quick as possible. It’s important to approach coding as deep work. Deep work involves turning off all distractions and working intently on a problem for an extended period of time. Breaks are fine but don’t check your e-mail or get on social media. Cal Newport has several posts about deep work and has a published book. I’ll post links below.

I love to code but I don’t code daily. Today this changes. To become a proficient programmer, problem solver, and prepare for coding interviews, it is imperative that coding a kata, working through a HackerRank problem, or reinventing the wheel to teach myself algorithms must be done every day.

Now I’m accountable. Here’s my github.